Digital Asset Exchange Huobi.Pro Protects Crypto-Investors’ Assets with Secure Protocols

Huobi.Pro, a subsidiary of Huobi Global, is a creative digital asset exchange that offers its services to traders across the globe. The exchange is concerned with the exploration of various investment opportunities. It serves millions of users based in more than 130 nations across the world.

One of the largest Bitcoin cash exchanges in China, it offers investment and trading service of around 10 digital assets. As the main Financial Service Provider dealing with Global Blockchain Asset, the company has its independent service centers in many nations across the planet, including in China Mainland, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong in China.

Huobi.Pro and other subsidiaries of the Huobi Group are leading names in the global industry, comparable with peers from across the world, and surging ahead in areas such as customer service, operations, security risk management system, product branch line and technology platform.

The exchange deals with digital assets amounting to more than 1 billion USD. It is accessible 24/7, and offers round the clock support. Its operations are reliable and of global standards, and are particularly designed for investors who are experienced in crypto-investments.

This is a secure, stable and safe exchange with a sophisticated distributed system architecture created to safeguard traders and their investments against possible risks such as DDoS. Over 98% of the assets such as Ethereum classic are stored in cold, multi-signature wallets, with the security systems complying with the best practices in the industry. Customers can put complete faith and confidence on

About is the main global digital asset exchange, and offers services to traders across the planet. It is presently operated by Huobi Global Team and is based in Singapore.

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