Photography 101: Recommendations for Beginners



Photography is one of the most exciting hobbies you can ever get. But just like every new beginner, photography can seem a little confusing. You think there are many details you need to know, your technical insufficiency can disrupt your morale, you can not be sure which machine and accessories you need to have. Do not let such thoughts escape your enthusiasm. Everyone starts somewhere, does not it? In this post, you will find suggestions for newcomers to the Photography.

1. You should make your choice of camera good.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Seçimi

If you are getting a camera for the first time in your life, you will feel shy. I pick up the right camera and the question does not stop. Our recommendation for beginners is not to run directly to buy the most expensive camera. You can also catch good frames with a camera that you can find more suitable faiata. For beginners, DSLR cameras are among the best options for photographers (especially if you have to act on a limited budget). For example, a Nikon D7000 or equivalent camera will see your business.

2. You might consider buying a tripod.


If you have a feeling that your hands are so vibrant, you can get help from a tripod to take sharper pictures. You will see that the results you get are better. By adjusting the shutter speed, reducing the effect of camera shake on the tripod will make your photo more pleased. You can obtain a still image by activating the timer function of your camera.

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3. Lens selection is important.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Lensleri

Lens selection is at least as important as choosing a camera. You will need to do some research before each lens will be compatible with each machine. You would have wasted your money if the size of the lens and the shape of your machine did not match the connection. General-purpose zoom lenses will be ideal for you as you are a new-beginner who has not yet decided on which area of ​​photography to head.

4. Do not leave your camera with you.


Another thing that is important to beginners in photography is that they learn to live together with their camera because they do not come from the artwork. You have the possibility of encountering an image that you want to immortal at any moment. Go out on the streets with your photographic equipment getting the most necessary ones (even your machine may be the only one). How much photos, so much experience.

5. Consider the ordinary.

Do not live to take a great landscape or an impressive nature photograph. In your daily life, look at the familiar objects, places, and people that look very ordinary to you. That’s how the eye of the photographer develops. A flower or a mimic caught in the right light can give you very good results. Look at the plain one, look at the photographer’s eye.

6. Curb all sources that you can reach.

Navigate through internet sites such as Flickr, examine photos of photographers, read forum sites around photography related topics on the internet, and participate in discussions. Buy books, get them and read plenty of books for beginners. You can find many online, printed, visual sources for developing yourself in mobile photography, wedding photography, portrait photography and other similar photography areas.

7. Photography: Do not be afraid to try.

Fotoğraf Çekme Denemeleri

Be experimental. Take photographs at the openings, lights, and poses that will get you so crazy with the camera in your hand. You will surely love from among many photographs. Take care of your learning process and do not be afraid to try.

8. Play abundantly with the settings of your machine.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Ayarları

If you want to improve your photo shoots, never be dependent on a single camera. Get and read the manual that came with your camera. Find out what those mysterious little symbols on your machine mean and try each one out.

If you have recommendations for beginners in photography, do not forget to share it with us in the “Comments” section and share it with newcomers!

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