Home Decoration: Psychological Effects of Colors



Home decoration has many fine details. One of these uses color. The color harmony and the psychological effects of these colors are elements that can directly affect your quality of life at home. We have made a list of the psychological effects of commonly used colors for you. As you decide on the wall coloring, you can take these properties of colors into consideration.

1. Psychological Effects of Red in Home Decorating


Let’s start with a list of psychological effects of colors in red. Red fire, passion, danger and power. This brave color is stimulating and exciting. It feels energetic as well as warm and inviting. Avoid overuse at home because the red color can be an excessive stimulant.

2. Psychological Effects of Orange in Home Decoration


Since orange is used extensively in offices too, it goes a long way in terms of the psychological effects of colors. If you like red but you are afraid of its aggressive effect, you can use the tourniquet with peace of mind. This fun and energetic color is especially ideal for children’s rooms , dining rooms, and wall colors of living rooms.

3. Psychological Effects of yellow in House Decorating


Line up on the list of psychological effects of colors. According to interior architecture, the color of yellow wisdom, prosperity, sympathy and shyness. A yellow room may look cheerful, friendly and airy. But like the same red, using too much yellow can be extremely stimulating.

4. Psychological Effects of Blue in Home Decorating


The color that makes the most mention of the psychological effects of colors is perhaps blue. Blue affects the human mind deeply. It is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms because it has soothing effect; The feeling of calmness and serenity is exceeded. It also represents a charismatic, silent and dignified color scheme. The blue is lighter colors and the harmony of colors with white is perfect. Note that overuse can be overwhelming.

5. Greener Psychological Effects of green in Home Decorating


The psychological effects of colors become more pronounced in natural colors. Green hopes, one of the colors of nature, symbolize luck and abundance. It is compatible with a vibrant color and many other colors. Living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms can be used without dodging.

6. Psychological Effects of Violet in Home Decorating


Violet is a color that causes controversy when the psychological effects of colors are opened. There is a part of the opposition as well as a part of the defending. You will have a depressing effect on your entire morale, but you can get great results by mixing it with emerald green, beige, yellow or pale pink, or even just light. The purple , which is also the color of the English royal family, adds weight to the room.

7. Psychological Effects of Black in Home Decorating


When it comes to the psychological effects of colors, black tends to escape immediately because evil is associated with mourning and death. But on the other hand, your knowledge is varied. Used in home decoration with black in small quantities with contrasting colors. When used correctly it adds depth and elegance to the space.

8. Psychological Effects of White in Home Decorating


I come to see the color of the psychological effects of what is not seen in the color. White does not ask me to use too much because it has positive meanings and is identified with peace and peace. The youth in you feeds feelings of hope and innocence. It not only makes small areas big, but also gives them a fresh feeling.

9. Psychological Effects of Brown in Home Decorating


The brown colors, which are considered to be one of the natural colors, have always been sodas for discussing the psychological effects because they always appear in the home decor like cupboard, floor, seat color. Although the psychological effects are manifested by the effects of other colors, the brown tones in general give us a sense of earthly comfort.

10. Psychological Effects of gray on Home Decorating

Dekorasyonda Renklerin Psikolojik Etkileri

Many people see gray as a safe color, but gray people can also make a queen because they show themselves in moments when the psychological effects of colors are never present. Combined with whites, the use of gray in the dose adds elegant gravity and calmness to the place, but if you exaggerate, your beauty can make your home look like a cold office.

11. Psychological Effects of pink on Home Decorating


The pink , which is generally associated with women and girls, will attract the attention of all individuals when the psychological effects of colors come into play. If you have left the frontiers in your mind for centuries , you can see how convenient the pink is for the home decor. Do not be deprived of the soothing and soothing effect of the pink as you are.

We hope we are curious about the colors and meanings . If you have relevant suggestions on this topic, do not forget to share it with us in the comments section.