Photography 101: Recommendations for Beginners



Photography is one of the most exciting hobbies you can ever get. But just like every new beginner, photography can seem a little confusing. You think there are many details you need to know, your technical insufficiency can disrupt your morale, you can not be sure which machine and accessories you need to have. Do not let such thoughts escape your enthusiasm. Everyone starts somewhere, does not it? In this post, you will find suggestions for newcomers to the Photography.

1. You should make your choice of camera good.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Seçimi

If you are getting a camera for the first time in your life, you will feel shy. I pick up the right camera and the question does not stop. Our recommendation for beginners is not to run directly to buy the most expensive camera. You can also catch good frames with a camera that you can find more suitable faiata. For beginners, DSLR cameras are among the best options for photographers (especially if you have to act on a limited budget). For example, a Nikon D7000 or equivalent camera will see your business.

2. You might consider buying a tripod.


If you have a feeling that your hands are so vibrant, you can get help from a tripod to take sharper pictures. You will see that the results you get are better. By adjusting the shutter speed, reducing the effect of camera shake on the tripod will make your photo more pleased. You can obtain a still image by activating the timer function of your camera.

If you are looking for a tripod suitable for your camera, you can click here .

3. Lens selection is important.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Lensleri

Lens selection is at least as important as choosing a camera. You will need to do some research before each lens will be compatible with each machine. You would have wasted your money if the size of the lens and the shape of your machine did not match the connection. General-purpose zoom lenses will be ideal for you as you are a new-beginner who has not yet decided on which area of ​​photography to head.

4. Do not leave your camera with you.


Another thing that is important to beginners in photography is that they learn to live together with their camera because they do not come from the artwork. You have the possibility of encountering an image that you want to immortal at any moment. Go out on the streets with your photographic equipment getting the most necessary ones (even your machine may be the only one). How much photos, so much experience.

5. Consider the ordinary.

Do not live to take a great landscape or an impressive nature photograph. In your daily life, look at the familiar objects, places, and people that look very ordinary to you. That’s how the eye of the photographer develops. A flower or a mimic caught in the right light can give you very good results. Look at the plain one, look at the photographer’s eye.

6. Curb all sources that you can reach.

Navigate through internet sites such as Flickr, examine photos of photographers, read forum sites around photography related topics on the internet, and participate in discussions. Buy books, get them and read plenty of books for beginners. You can find many online, printed, visual sources for developing yourself in mobile photography, wedding photography, portrait photography and other similar photography areas.

7. Photography: Do not be afraid to try.

Fotoğraf Çekme Denemeleri

Be experimental. Take photographs at the openings, lights, and poses that will get you so crazy with the camera in your hand. You will surely love from among many photographs. Take care of your learning process and do not be afraid to try.

8. Play abundantly with the settings of your machine.

Fotoğraf Makinesi Ayarları

If you want to improve your photo shoots, never be dependent on a single camera. Get and read the manual that came with your camera. Find out what those mysterious little symbols on your machine mean and try each one out.

If you have recommendations for beginners in photography, do not forget to share it with us in the “Comments” section and share it with newcomers!

Home Decoration: Psychological Effects of Colors



Home decoration has many fine details. One of these uses color. The color harmony and the psychological effects of these colors are elements that can directly affect your quality of life at home. We have made a list of the psychological effects of commonly used colors for you. As you decide on the wall coloring, you can take these properties of colors into consideration.

1. Psychological Effects of Red in Home Decorating


Let’s start with a list of psychological effects of colors in red. Red fire, passion, danger and power. This brave color is stimulating and exciting. It feels energetic as well as warm and inviting. Avoid overuse at home because the red color can be an excessive stimulant.

2. Psychological Effects of Orange in Home Decoration


Since orange is used extensively in offices too, it goes a long way in terms of the psychological effects of colors. If you like red but you are afraid of its aggressive effect, you can use the tourniquet with peace of mind. This fun and energetic color is especially ideal for children’s rooms , dining rooms, and wall colors of living rooms.

3. Psychological Effects of yellow in House Decorating


Line up on the list of psychological effects of colors. According to interior architecture, the color of yellow wisdom, prosperity, sympathy and shyness. A yellow room may look cheerful, friendly and airy. But like the same red, using too much yellow can be extremely stimulating.

4. Psychological Effects of Blue in Home Decorating


The color that makes the most mention of the psychological effects of colors is perhaps blue. Blue affects the human mind deeply. It is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms because it has soothing effect; The feeling of calmness and serenity is exceeded. It also represents a charismatic, silent and dignified color scheme. The blue is lighter colors and the harmony of colors with white is perfect. Note that overuse can be overwhelming.

5. Greener Psychological Effects of green in Home Decorating


The psychological effects of colors become more pronounced in natural colors. Green hopes, one of the colors of nature, symbolize luck and abundance. It is compatible with a vibrant color and many other colors. Living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms can be used without dodging.

6. Psychological Effects of Violet in Home Decorating


Violet is a color that causes controversy when the psychological effects of colors are opened. There is a part of the opposition as well as a part of the defending. You will have a depressing effect on your entire morale, but you can get great results by mixing it with emerald green, beige, yellow or pale pink, or even just light. The purple , which is also the color of the English royal family, adds weight to the room.

7. Psychological Effects of Black in Home Decorating


When it comes to the psychological effects of colors, black tends to escape immediately because evil is associated with mourning and death. But on the other hand, your knowledge is varied. Used in home decoration with black in small quantities with contrasting colors. When used correctly it adds depth and elegance to the space.

8. Psychological Effects of White in Home Decorating


I come to see the color of the psychological effects of what is not seen in the color. White does not ask me to use too much because it has positive meanings and is identified with peace and peace. The youth in you feeds feelings of hope and innocence. It not only makes small areas big, but also gives them a fresh feeling.

9. Psychological Effects of Brown in Home Decorating


The brown colors, which are considered to be one of the natural colors, have always been sodas for discussing the psychological effects because they always appear in the home decor like cupboard, floor, seat color. Although the psychological effects are manifested by the effects of other colors, the brown tones in general give us a sense of earthly comfort.

10. Psychological Effects of gray on Home Decorating

Dekorasyonda Renklerin Psikolojik Etkileri

Many people see gray as a safe color, but gray people can also make a queen because they show themselves in moments when the psychological effects of colors are never present. Combined with whites, the use of gray in the dose adds elegant gravity and calmness to the place, but if you exaggerate, your beauty can make your home look like a cold office.

11. Psychological Effects of pink on Home Decorating


The pink , which is generally associated with women and girls, will attract the attention of all individuals when the psychological effects of colors come into play. If you have left the frontiers in your mind for centuries , you can see how convenient the pink is for the home decor. Do not be deprived of the soothing and soothing effect of the pink as you are.

We hope we are curious about the colors and meanings . If you have relevant suggestions on this topic, do not forget to share it with us in the comments section.

Motor Clothing: What Do I Need To Get For The Beginning Level?

Sports & Outdoor


Wearing the right motorcycle clothes is not only for your comfort, but also for your health and safety. High quality motorcycle clothing and wider range of motorcycle materials can protect you from injuries, injuries and even deaths during an accident. For those new to the motorcycle world, all those outfits and all kinds of models can be confusing. So, in order to be able to help you, we have compiled what clothes you should get at the beginning level.

1. Motorcycle Coat

Motosiklet Kıyafetleri

Motorcycle coat or jacket closes the upper part of your body such as arms, backs, ribs, internal organs and so on. You should choose a model that will provide you with both comfort and safety when you get the motorcycle. The latest fashion leather coats protect you against the wind and the bumps. There are two types of motorcycle jackets ; Either leather or textile, i.e. woven fabric. The fabrics of these coats are specially touched and multiply stronger than normal fabrics, the strength is comparable to that of the water, it is water and windproof. In addition, the stitches of two types of motorcycle jackets are particularly reinforced. Some of the jackets have a protector at the elbow. You can also make your mont choice according to which air you will use your motorcycle.

2. Motorcycle Pants

Motosiklet Kıyafetleri

Normal jeans do not protect you during an accident, so you should get motorcycle trousers. When choosing motorcycle pants, make sure that they are made of Kevlar, a type of fiber used in steel vests and work safety clothing, or at least contain Kevlar panels. Just like a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle pants can also have hips, shins and knee protectors. Models and pants can be combined with zippers in suitably produced models. In cold weather you can combine motorcycle pants with thermal clothing , for example with a tuck or pantyhose.

3. Motorcycle Bot

Motosiklet Kıyafetleri

The standard is that many motorcycles weigh an average of 150 kg and more. You need to support this weight with your own legs and ankles in the most unforeseeable, corrupted and slippery ways. That’s why you will get a motorcycle boat that is basically petrol, water and oil resistant, non-slip soles and should support your ankles firmly. One of the most sensitive places during an accident is ankle wristbands, so the booty wrist does not come to joke. The boots are concealed in a way that the toes are firm but not too tight; Prevent your fingers and your wrist from twisting. You also need to tightly close the motorcycle boat over your wrist, or you can get out of your foot in an accident. Bikes must be included among motorcycle clothes .

4. Motorcycle glove

Motosiklet Kıyafetleri

Your hands are both very fragile and your most beautiful organs, while hele uses motorcycles. So you have to get a quality motorcycle glove to protect them from the wind and from the crashes . An ideal motorcycle glove protects your fingers, palms, your hands and your wrists, but should not restrict your movements. Your coats and gloves must fit together and there should be no obvious gap between your skin and yours. It is also necessary to tap tightly over your wrist as it is on the boat so you do not get out of your hand during an accident. Your eyes can also look for Kevlar material in Eldivende. Protect your palms, which are likely to be damaged during the fall due to the protection of the gloves in the palms.

5. Motorcycle Rain

Among motorcycle clothes , motorcycle rain is most commonly caused by polyvinyl chloride and nylon. There are different colors, but the best are the yellow and orange colors with high visibility. There is not much model choice in motorcycle raincoats . It is closed with zip front. In fact, the motorcycle has a similar dignity with the montage. Be careful not to restrict your movement while the raincoat is on, and make sure there are no gaps between your glove and your boot.

6. Motorcycle Protection

Motosiklet Kıyafetleri

Motorcycle Clothing We actually talked a lot about motorcycle protection above. Protections can be thought of as armor, trousers, gloves and small armor that is part of the tulum. If you are considering taking the shields separately, be careful that they are too tight to leave during the accident, but flexible enough not to restrict your movement. The higher the quality of the shields, the more protected the area. For example, back protection can protect you from your presence to your tail. The guards have two security levels. Higher levels of protection provide more protection, but lower levels of protection are less likely to create habits because they are lighter, more flexible, cheaper and more permeable. Get maximum safety by using protective clothing along with motor clothing.

7. Motorcycle overalls

Motorcycle overalls are a useful and practical outfit in which the coat and pants are in one piece. Your waist is unlikely to open, so better protect from the wind and cold. If you are looking for a rugged and comfortable engine suit, you can make your choice from the engine compartment. It is more reliable in terms of security because it covers the whole body. In addition, the overalls offer more flexibility and movement. But when they come together, prices are rising. So you can make a more affordable coat and trouser combination that can be combined with the zipper for the beginner level.

8. Motorcycle Eyewear

If you are considering using an open face motor hood or a half motor hood, you must take motor goggles to protect your eyes from wind, rain, dust, foreign bodies that may come off the road, or bees, insects, etc. Even if your helmet and your motorcycle are in order, you should not avoid buying glasses. If you are wearing glasses, you can number the glass of the motorcycle goggles.

If you have suggestions for newcomers to motorcycles, remember to share them in the comments section.

Hybrid Cars Prices, Features and Future



Hybrid vehicles have become more and more popular with themselves since they were put on the market. What are the characteristics of hybrid cars and are their future bright as they are really marketed? We can find many questions in your mind from the features of hybrid vehicles to the future and future.

What is Hybrid Car?

Let’s start with what is not hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are not pure electric vehicles. “Hybrid” is a word meaning hybrid. As the name implies, these vehicles work both with electricity and gasoline.

If you ask, ” How do hybrid cars work ?” It is as follows: The first run is with an electric motor and when you reach a speed of 50 km (depending on the car), the petrol engine passes.

Do not even think about the fact that when you buy these vehicles, you will not be looking for a rechargeable battery because many hybrid vehicles can charge the electric motor when the petrol engine is started (or braked). To be understood, it is quite handy especially for large crowded cities.
What are the features of Hybrid Cars?


We mentioned above in general, but hybrid vehicles can actually have two types of engines. First, standard hybrids that the vehicle can self charge. Second, plugged hybrids. They can be charged with an external power source.

Size: In the market you can find different hybrid vehicles from two- seat vehicles to eight-seat SUVs, but most of them are medium-sized sedan cars. In addition to those that look like regular cars, there are also special designs.

How Do Hybrid Car Prices Work?

Hybrid vehicles are more expensive than standard, gasoline cars.  Only electrically powered vehicles are more expensive, of course.


As it is abroad, hybrid vehicles are also included in tax reduction.


Although hybrid vehicles do not seem to be very advantageous for high speeds and long roads, they can provide fuel savings, ease of use and silence in large cities where stop-and-go is very lively, traffic is stuck and must be watched at low speed.


The brake system that is not locked in hybrid vehicles, side airbags in the front seats, full-size curtain airbags are almost standard in the models. Rear-view camera and high-tech electronic display are almost standard. There are extra features in the more luxurious models, of course.

Operation costs

Buying a vehicle does not end the job, after that it is important. As they are not yet widespread, it is possible to face some high costs of maintenance and renewal, but if you think that hybrid vehicles are made by famous brands, you probably will not have a problem with service.

Hybrid Automobiles Sold?

The most famous hybrid vehicles are generally Toyota: Toyota Yaris Hybrid Cool, Toyota Yaris Hybrid Spirit, Toyota Prius Elegant. The BMW i8 also welcomes users from the luxury segment. Renault’s hybrid model Fluence Z, which has been kept for a while with other vehicles, is not on sale because it has not received enough attention. There are vehicles like Ford Fusion Hybrid and Chevrolet Volt abroad. Volvo, etc., are not back in the hybrid race.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles?

1. Although it seems expensive in the short run, hybrid cars provide a very economical use in the city. If you deduct the tax deduction, you can go profitable in the long run with the fuel. Do not understand these vehicles as if they are not working on the freeway, you can get along very well by passing through the petrol.

2. It is very easy to use these tools. Most do not have complex systems. Especially the launch is quite practical. The most important thing to watch out for is electronic signs. If you follow what they say to you, you can drive more comfortably than with a standard petrol car.

3. Better for the environment. When the damage to the environment of gasoline vehicles is considered, it can be predicted that hybrid models will have some positive results even if they do not create miracles. Many hybrid cars abroad are also marketed as “green cars”, that is, nature-friendly cars.

Do Hybrid Cars Have a Future?


Hybrid vehicles seem to have a future. In the long run, the economic and environmental benefits of electricity can not be denied. Tesla Motors is struggling to make the cable a bit higher and make only electricity-driven vehicles widespread in the market. In the future, perhaps hybrid vehicles that have been able to reach higher speeds will only become electric.

What do you think about hybrid car models? Do not forget to share with us in the commentary section!

360 Degree Video



Recently, we have become more aware of the 360 ​​degree video concept with the inclusion of Facebook. It is a very impressive experience for us to see a place, an event at every angle. But what is 360 degree video ? How to withdraw? VR is the same as video, are they two different things? You can find the answer to all these questions in the text.

What is 360 degree video?

360 Derece Video

360 degree video is also known as spiral video or global video. Normally you shoot one angle at a time on the video. Turn it wherever you turn the camera. In a 360 degree video, all directions are recorded at the same time with an “all-in-one” camera or a camera community. During video playback, the viewer can control the direction they will follow, such as a panorama or some sort of virtual reality.

What is the difference between 360 degree video and VR video?

360 Derece Video

“It’s kind of like a virtual reality,” but what’s in it especially warns us about the differences between 360-degree video and VR video. Let’s start with the basics to enlighten the cone:

What is VR? VR’s expansion is “virtual reality”, ie virtual reality. New devices and content seem to be a new technology, but this technology has been in our lives since the 90’s. But today’s VR is aiming to deliver you to another world that can be experienced and interacted with using sensor devices.

These virtual realities can come to you like real world. For example, you can try a flight simulator or take a walk on a distant planet. However, all of them are computerized. By attaching VR headphones and VR glasses, you can pretend that you are indeed in the environment. This is the biggest feature of VR video.

360 degree videos and photos are not made by computer. They are real images and the viewer can control the direction but not be included in them. You are limited to the 360 ​​degrees recorded by the cameras on the video. On the VR video you can go as far as the imagination of the programmers and designers.

What instruments are used for 360 degree video?

360 Derece Video

As mentioned above, it is shot with a 360 degree video camera set or an all-in-one camera. Both methods are not suitable for economic use at present. But it’s not a technology that can not be reached if you have a company and progeny on 360 degree video. If you want to get a good quality camera at least 1,000-2,000 liray eye need to remove. There are also cameras in Kodak that have reached 5,000 liras while Samsung is offering products in this range. If you want to test, you can try the camera with plastic body, average 250 pounds.

If you want to shoot as an amateur without buying a special camera, certain models of iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy can also take you panoramic video and upload it to Facebook. Ricoh Theta S, Giroptic 360 Cam, Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam, IC Realtech ALLie, 360Fly and Panono are the cameras that really shoot 360 degrees and allow you to upload to Facebook.

How are 360 ​​videos taken?

360 Derece Video Nasıl Çekilir

For someone who is already using the camera, the 360-degree video capturing is not something that can not be solved over time and trial. Turn on the camera after you have received the necessary devices and decided to shoot. If you’re going to shoot with the camera set, then you’ll have to master them with a special video program. But if you shoot directly with an all-in-one camera, the camera will do it for you. In the meantime, one question for you: Where is the one way that the all-in-one camera can not pull? The direction in which the camera support is, ie the bottom right.

After that, all you have to do is present your video to the viewers. Viewers can watch these videos from their smartphones or cardboard VR glasses that they can wear their smartphones. Then we say, “Good looking!”

We are curious about your 360-degree opinion about video, please do not forget to share it with us!

Taking Screenshots on Galaxy Grand Prime



Screenshots will be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder in the Gallery.

You can capture a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Home %image_alt% key and the Power/Lock key on your device until a white border flashes around the edges of the screen.


To view a screenshot immediately after you capture it:

  1. Open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  2. Touch Screenshot captured to open the screenshot.
  3. You can also quickly DELETE, EDIT, or SHARE the screenshot from the Notification Panel. If necessary, swipe down on Screenshot captured to access these options.

To view your screenshots at any time:

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps Apps Icon.
  2. Touch Gallery %image_alt%.
  3. Touch %image_alt% and select Album.
  4. Touch Screenshots.
  5. Touch the desired screenshot.


How do I log into my Facebook account?



  1. Make sure no one else is logged into Facebook on your computer
    • To log someone else out, click at the top right of your Facebook homepage and select Log Out
  2. Go to the top of and enter one of the following:
    • Email address: You can log in with any email address that’s listed on your Facebook account
    • Username: You can also log in with your username
    • Phone number: If you have a mobile phone number confirmed on your account you can enter it here (skip the zeros before the country code and any symbols)
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click Log In

How do I log out of Facebook?



To log out of Facebook:
  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Select Log Out

How do I change or reset my password on Facebook?



How do I change or reset my password on Facebook?
If you know your current password, you can change it:
  1. Click in the top right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings
  2. Click Password
  3. Type your current and new passwords
  4. Click Save Changes
If you don’t know your current password, you can reset it:
  1. Go to the Find Your Account Page
  2. Type the email, phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then click Search
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
If you’re still having trouble, we can help you recover your account.