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Recently, we have become more aware of the 360 ​​degree video concept with the inclusion of Facebook. It is a very impressive experience for us to see a place, an event at every angle. But what is 360 degree video ? How to withdraw? VR is the same as video, are they two different things? You can find the answer to all these questions in the text.


What is 360 degree video?

360 Derece Video

360 degree video is also known as spiral video or global video. Normally you shoot one angle at a time on the video. Turn it wherever you turn the camera. In a 360 degree video, all directions are recorded at the same time with an “all-in-one” camera or a camera community. During video playback, the viewer can control the direction they will follow, such as a panorama or some sort of virtual reality.

What is the difference between 360 degree video and VR video?

360 Derece Video

“It’s kind of like a virtual reality,” but what’s in it especially warns us about the differences between 360-degree video and VR video. Let’s start with the basics to enlighten the cone:

What is VR? VR’s expansion is “virtual reality”, ie virtual reality. New devices and content seem to be a new technology, but this technology has been in our lives since the 90’s. But today’s VR is aiming to deliver you to another world that can be experienced and interacted with using sensor devices.

These virtual realities can come to you like real world. For example, you can try a flight simulator or take a walk on a distant planet. However, all of them are computerized. By attaching VR headphones and VR glasses, you can pretend that you are indeed in the environment. This is the biggest feature of VR video.

360 degree videos and photos are not made by computer. They are real images and the viewer can control the direction but not be included in them. You are limited to the 360 ​​degrees recorded by the cameras on the video. On the VR video you can go as far as the imagination of the programmers and designers.

What instruments are used for 360 degree video?

360 Derece Video

As mentioned above, it is shot with a 360 degree video camera set or an all-in-one camera. Both methods are not suitable for economic use at present. But it’s not a technology that can not be reached if you have a company and progeny on 360 degree video. If you want to get a good quality camera at least 1,000-2,000 liray eye need to remove. There are also cameras in Kodak that have reached 5,000 liras while Samsung is offering products in this range. If you want to test, you can try the camera with plastic body, average 250 pounds.

If you want to shoot as an amateur without buying a special camera, certain models of iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy can also take you panoramic video and upload it to Facebook. Ricoh Theta S, Giroptic 360 Cam, Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam, IC Realtech ALLie, 360Fly and Panono are the cameras that really shoot 360 degrees and allow you to upload to Facebook.

How are 360 ​​videos taken?

360 Derece Video Nasıl Çekilir

For someone who is already using the camera, the 360-degree video capturing is not something that can not be solved over time and trial. Turn on the camera after you have received the necessary devices and decided to shoot. If you’re going to shoot with the camera set, then you’ll have to master them with a special video program. But if you shoot directly with an all-in-one camera, the camera will do it for you. In the meantime, one question for you: Where is the one way that the all-in-one camera can not pull? The direction in which the camera support is, ie the bottom right.

After that, all you have to do is present your video to the viewers. Viewers can watch these videos from their smartphones or cardboard VR glasses that they can wear their smartphones. Then we say, “Good looking!”

We are curious about your 360-degree opinion about video, please do not forget to share it with us!

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